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Our Organization

Our Vision

A society that:

  • Improves public safety while reducing the cost and role of the criminal justice system.
  • Reserves incarceration for only the most serious crimes and the most violent individuals.
  • Discovers, intervenes in, and eliminates the root causes of socially harmful behaviors, including inequity, poor health, mental illness, low educational achievement, addiction, and trauma-based, anti-social behaviors.      
  • Welcomes and enables formerly incarcerated individuals to be full members of society without shame or discrimination.

Our Values

  • Operate in a collaborative way that values diversity, equality, and celebrates the varied experience of staff and board members.
  • Use anti-racist strategies.
  • Adapt to the changing needs and concerns of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Face challenges with curiosity, compassion, and humility

Core Beliefs

The voice too often missing in re-entry discussions is the voice of those who have gone through the process -  The formerly-incarcerated.  A group of us decided it was time to change that reality. 

We started What's Next in order to prototype a disruptive approach to reducing recidivism.  

We are working first in Washington State because it is a place that welcomes new ideas and is always looking at how it can expand inclusivity.  Our hope is to collaborate with other organizations and replicate success across the country.

  • The directly impacted – formerly incarcerated and their family members -- should lead the effort because we’re the experts in reentry.
  • The problem has to be approached systematically with continuous collaboration among all stakeholders - even those we don’t like or trust.
  • The performance of the system must be dramatically improved.

Our Work

We’re formerly incarcerated individuals and allies who seek to replace the system of mass incarceration with solutions that work better for everyone.  

Our first strategic priority is to focus on improving the ability of formerly incarcerated adults to reintegrate into society. 

The Problem

One in six Americans will serve time in prison.  100 million have a criminal record.

In Washington State, nearly 40% of inmates will reoffend and return to prison within 3 years of release.

Lack of housing and jobs are the leading causes of recidivism.

Current solutions are not at the scale of the problem.

Recidivism costs Washington taxpayers $115M every year. 

The Fix

The experts (that’s us) lead and use:

  • Systemic approach
    • Work with ALL stakeholders
  • Effective “social technologies” 
    • Collective Impact – a process designed to tackle entrenched, social problems
  • Data
    • Scale only effective programs
  • Innovative Funding 
    • Social impact bonds – a mechanism that provides an investment return and public sector savings

The Goal

Reduce recidivism in Washington State by 50% in 7 years.  Save taxpayers $50M per year.

Our Team

Board, Advisory Board Members, and Staff

Board of Directors

President: Zachary Kinneman JD

Entreprenuer - Commercial Property Owner - Developer 

Secretary and Co-Founder: Roslyn Solomon JD

Consultant - Former Seattle University Law Professor - Attorney - Administrative Law Judge

Treasurer: Paul Jackson - Warehouse Manager POP! Gourmet

Co-Founder and Ex-Officio Board Member: Susan Mason

Advisory Board 

Erin Jones - Principal - Erin Jones, LLC

Genevieve Martin - Executive Director Dave's Killer Bread Foundation

Vicki Orrico - Of Counsel, Johns, Monroe, Mitsunaga and Kolouskova, PLLC - Principal Orrico Consulting, PS

Cary Retlin -   Behavioral Health Housing Administrator  -  State of Washington Department of Commerce 

Melody Simle - President - Washington State Families of Prisoners Council - Owner NW Roofing Associates

Faith Trimble - Founder and CEO - The Athena Group

Pamela Stearns - Administrative Staff Assistant with King County’s Department of Natural Resources and Parks Human Resources


Susan Mason - Executive Director 


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